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Au Pair agency

We place Au Pair youths from Ukraine and Europe. We’ve been providing Au Pair placement services for more than 20 years.

What is an “Au Pair” program?

This is a cultural exchange program between two countries, in which a young person on the one hand and a foreign family on the other participate to achieve mutual benefits.
You want to learn a foreign language and get to know the culture of another country and the everyday life of a host family. For their part, the host family will want to learn more about you and the culture of your country.

Which countries accept Au Pair participants?

We can help with the placement to such countries:


Зверніть увагу!
Ми працюємо без передоплати;
оплата наших послуг здійснюється після підбору сім’ї, яка приймає, на підставі договору між au pair та обраною сім’єю.

Нижче наведено перелік країн та розцінки на відповідні послуги.


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