Au Pair in Austria

Austria is a beautiful country, one of the centers of the cultural life of Europe. A country with beautiful cities, no less beautiful nature, and excellent conditions for those who plan to become an Au Pair in this country. Lovely, sincere, and warm people will be next to you for a whole year.

Program requirements:

  • Age from 18 to 28 years (the registration is open for candidates younger than 27)
  • Speak the German language at a high level, or speak the English language at a high level and possess basic knowledge of the German language (at least 6 months of study or have A1 level certified).
  • Love for children, sociability, honesty, punctuality, and responsibility
  • A driver's license and driving experience is welcome but not a prerequisite for participating in the German program

Program terms & conditions:

  • The duration of the program is 12 months
  • The candidate is expected to help with childcare and light housework 30 hours per week
  • Live-in stay (the host family provides a separate room), board, and lodging
  • At least 1 day off per week.
  • 5 weeks of paid vacation per year
  • Compulsory insurance (partially paid by the Au Pair – there are monthly insurance contributions).
  • The family and the Au Pair pay for German language courses in a ratio of 50/50 (the start level is paid like this), and the program gives a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language by immersing in the language environment.
  • Pocket money 500* euros per month (*15 payments per year).

Why choose this country:

> We recommend Austria for those who want to improve their German language if they have already studied it at school or university.
> Austria is an excellent choice for those who have already participated in the Au Pair program in Germany and would like to continue learning German in a new country through participation in the Au Pair program.
> We recommend Austria to the Foreign Languages department students ​​who studied German as their 2nd or 3rd language. The program will allow them to master German at the level of their first language.
> We recommend Austria to those who want to get acquainted with the culture and life of this exciting country and its people's traditions and habits. There is a lot to see, adopt, and join.
> Austria gives a wonderful chance to become a university student and study in a country with great traditions in education. Being a student in Austria is prestigious for a resident of any country.

Based on your data, knowledge, and skills, we will give you a recommendation on which country to choose for the placement. For this, we have many years of experience and effective placements under the Au Pair program.


Kindly note, we don’t charge au pair candidates any upfront payments; the invoice for our services is issued after the Host Family that completely satisfies the candidate is found and the Au Pair agreement between the two sides has been signed.