Au Pair in the USA

In our opinion, the USA has the most thoughtful conditions for the Au Pair program among other inviting countries. The European experience is taken as a basis for the creation of the American Au Pair program. The US program was created much later, and they tried to regulate the program by taking into account many years of European experience and applying it to American specifics. And it worked out very well.
Large, economically powerful, multi-cultural country. Here, family values ​​are held in high esteem, in almost every host family their Au Pair will drive a car, and will study at an American higher education institution in selected subjects. It is worth noting the fact that this is the only country with English as a native language where one can participate in the legal and governmentally supported Au Pair program.
The USA is also an excellent choice for those who want to continue their studies at an American university after completing the Au Pair program.

Program requirements:

  • Age from 18 to 27 years (the registration is open for candidates younger than 26).);
  • Speak the English language at a high level (min B1).
  • Love for children, sociability, honesty, punctuality, and responsibility.
  • A driver's license (at least) and driving experience (at best) are prerequisites for participating in the USA program.
  • The experience of working with children under 2 y.o. will give a big advantage.

Program terms & conditions:

  • The duration of the program is 12 months with the possibility to extend your stay for another 6, 9, or 12 months.
  • The candidate is expected to help with childcare and light housework 45 hours per week.
  • Live-in stay (the host family provides a separate room), board, and lodging.
  • At least 1,5 days off per week + a full free weekend once a month.
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation per year.
  • Compulsory insurance (paid by the host family).
  • Courses at a higher educational institution in the chosen subject (not only English language) and a unique opportunity to learn English by immersing in the language environment. The courses are chosen by the Au Pair, and the family pays for them.
  • Pocket money is $196 per week.

Why choose France:

> We know that many of our clients have dreamed of being able to get to the USA. We'll just try to make your dream come true.
> We recommend the US for those who want to improve their English language if they have already studied it at school or university.
> We recommend the USA to the Foreign Languages department students who would like to improve their good level of English in practice, and would like to immerse themselves in the language environment. 1 to 2 years of participation in the Au Pair program will give you an excellent practice that will help in your future life and career.
> Have you always wanted to see how Americans live in the south or north, on the Pacific or Atlantic coast? You can do it if you use this program.
> Want to get higher education in the USA? We recommend the Au Pair program as the first step toward realizing this dream. Many of our clients have entered and studied at American universities after the end of the program.

Особливості напряму

Additionally, there are several "plans" with a slightly altered set of conditions and requirements in the US Au Pair program. Standart,in which the Au Pair will perform their duties 45 hours a week, and attend courses at a higher education institution during the 1st semester (60 classroom hours) at the family’s cost of $500 per year. As part of the Standard Plan, the Au Pair will receive $196 per week as pocket money.

EduCare a plan with a more extensive educational component, choosing which, the Au Pair will perform their duties 30 hours a week, attend courses at a higher education institution for 2 semesters (120 classroom hours) at the family’s cost of $ 1,000 per year. When participating in the EduCare program, the Au Pair will receive $147 per week as pocket money. According to the terms of the program, only those families with no preschool children can invite under the EduCare plan. And the amount of such families is much smaller than with children of different ages.

There are also Premium plans in the US Au Pair program: Au Pair Plus Who can apply? – The Au Pairs who have already participated in the program in the US or another country and have good recommendations from former host family/ies. What will they get? – The pocket money for the Au Pair Plus plan is $235 per week.
Au Pair Premiere Who can apply? – The Au-Pairs, who have a pedagogical education and work experience in their specialty, have a driving experience (plus a driver's license) of at least 2 years. What will they get? – The pocket money for the Au Pair Premiere plan is $280 per week.

Whether or not you qualify for a non-standard plan depends on whether you meet all the requirements for such placement and whether a family will be willing to invite you under these specific conditions.

Based on your data, knowledge, and skills, we will give you a recommendation on which country to choose for the placement. For this, we have many years of experience and effective placements under the Au Pair program.