Ukrainian Au Pair story (о роли круасана в жизни человека…)

В разных странах находится много наших AU-PAIR. Конечно у каждой участницы программы свои впечатления, своя AU-PAIR история. Мария старается  рассказывать про свой опыт участия в программе и мы будем публиковать историю ее AU-PAIR жизни в США. Поехали…

My story began from a French croissant…

Hey, it’s me, Ukrainian Au Pair Maria Bilous. My adventure started when I had French croissants with my Ukrainian friend Andrei! You will get the point why a French croissant was so important in my story! Lol… By that time

Last Spring I came back from Turkey – I used to work there for last 3 amazing years. I was about to change something in my life – well completely to change! I was looking for new emotions, new faces, new adventure. I needed to go somewhere and do something new what makes me feel happy! It doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy by that time because my life in Turkey was so colorful – I used to work as part of entertainment in one of the coolest place in this world Liberty hotels Lykia!

Au Pair from Ukraine

So my friend and I were telling to each other how our lives are going and what happened for last few years and shared French croissants. Suddenly, he looked on me enjoying the croissant and said,” Maria!I think you should try cultural exchange program Au pair because you like to spend time with kids and you always want to go somewhere and explore some new things!” He said it will be very interesting for me! I came back home and checked google what Au pair program is.

There are a lot of information about the Au Pair program and I really found it very cool. Next morning I visited ”Пять континентов” it’s one of Ukrainian agency by Go Au Pair in Cherkassy and found all the details about it. I am the person who is like I want something I get it!!!So I started to get ready all my documents, reviews and read more about USA and American childcare.

Au Pair from Ukraine 5

To be honest,  there were a lot of things  scary for me like: what if I can’t do it? or what if the kids will not like me? or what if it be very lonely there ?or Oh My God! I have to cross not just the countries -I had to cross the continent! Which is fine! We all human too nervous about something important and, especially, if you are a girl.

 Au Pair from Ukraine 2

Now I’m so proud of myself and happy to be in the USA ! Thank you to the Au Pair program for the opportunity and Go Au Pair for helping me to find my lovely host family!

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