Au Pair advice – What you need to pack in your suitcase for traveling to the US

I am Maria from Ukraine, I became an Au Pair in the US recently and now I live in Bucks County, PA with my amazing host family. You may read already the story about a French croissant which helped me to learn about the Au Pair program. Here are my suggestions on packing for the Au Pair journey.
Before your dream comes true and you arrive as an Au Pair to the U.S., you should know what you need to pack in your suitcase for traveling in America and what things you definitely don’t need to bring!
So don’t take all your jeans and dresses, 20 pairs of shoes and jackets!!! You can buy a lot of cheap and very fashion stuff here. There are a lot of Marshalls, Ross and TJMax stores, and Vintage and Zara, H&M stores where you always can find really good deals for really nice outfits! The same is true with your cosmetics and bags! I suggest taking your comfy clothes, few t-shirts, jeans and sleepers.
What you shouldn’t forget it is a prescribed medicine if you use some. Ttake enough or even extra of the prescription medication for the time you will stay in the US if it is possible. You should bring a medical kit with basic medication you know from home because if you get sick it’s easy to take the medication you used before. Take some ear drops if you have problems after pool or ocean. Do not forget en extra lenses for your eyes if you need it (just in case if you lose it.)
Be sure to bring all your documents with you and the contact informations you may need if something happens. Take the flag of your country I’m sure you gonna use it for some events (should be a party, au pair meeting, support for national game) or just as a small thing from your Motherland!
I’m sure it will be very nice if you will bring some sweets and souvenirs from your country for your new family and small toys for host kids.
Before I came to USA I brought many Ukrainian coins, so now each time when I meet some new friend I’m giving one Ukrainian coin for luck! They love it and I feel good when someone find out a bit more about my native country.
So in the end of my short advices about your preparation to see your dream country, don’t forget the main thing what you shouldn’t forget: put your smile because this country of happy people and you will gonna love it! I wish you good luck and a safe journey!
Xoxo, your Ukrainian Au Pair Mariia Bilous

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